Simple Moving Average 50 Touching 1.541906 for CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ:CPAH)

As we move deeper into earnings season, investors and analysts will be closely watching which companies look they are getting things right. Many investors will be following which companies beat or miss the estimates by a wide margin. Large surprise factors can cause a stock to jump or fall shortly after the actual numbers are released. Investors may also be tracking which industry leaders come out on top during the latest round of earnings reports. Tracking the sectors that are poised for growth may help give the investor a good idea for the types of stocks they may want to add to the portfolio as we get closer to the end of the current calendar year.

As traders scan the equity market, they may be using Simple Moving Averages to help figure out where a stock is headed. Following some SMA levels for CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ:CPAH), we can see that the 10 day is 1.51792, the 20 day is 1.47525, and the 30 day is 1.44564667 for CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ:CPAH). Tracking some other time periods, we note that the 50 day SMA is 1.541906 , the 100 day is 1.69347 , and the 200 day SMA is currently 1.6326635.

Dedicated traders will often pay close attention to Exponential Moving Average levels. EMA study can help guide traders when gauging market strength. We can see the following EMA levels on CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ:CPAH):

30 day Exponential Moving Average: 1.50742564
50 day Exponential Moving Average: 1.54597602
100 day Exponential Moving Average: 1.61240705
10 day Exponential Moving Average: 1.52502266
20 day Exponential Moving Average: 1.50124811
200 day Exponential Moving Average: 1.68819543

The HMA or Hull Moving Average for the stock is presently 1.60273815. The HMA may help with technical analysis by reducing lag and heightening responsiveness. Traders often find that following this indicator helps with reduction of noise.

Investors following CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ:CPAH) can see that the stock most recently closed at 1.55
Past 3 months: -11.17124537
One year change: -43.65671642
Year-to-date: 26.01185012
Past week: -3.82165605
Past month: -17.02840815

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Scanning through some ratings, we note that the current Oscillator Rating on the stock is a “Buy”. The Moving Average Rating is sitting at a “Buy”. Traders may use these signals in conjunction with other indicators in order to set up the chart for future trading success.

Traders following the Hull Moving Average will note that the current level is 1.60273815 for CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ:CPAH). The calculation uses the weighted moving average and it puts the emphasis on recent prices over older prices.

Technical traders focusing on Donchian Channels will note that the 20 period lower band reading is currently 1.27. The 20 period upper band reading is 1.9. Donchian Channels can be used to gauge the volatility of a market. This is a banded indicator akin to Bollinger Bands.

Putting a closer focus on shares of CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ:CPAH), we see that since the opening price of 1.53, the stock has moved 0.02. Tracking shares, we note that the consensus stock rating is Buy. Volume today clocks in around 28985. Over the course of the current session, the stock has topped out at  1.58 and seen a low price of 1.5. 

Many investors enter the stock market without a plan in place. Investment goals may be a highly important part of coming out on top. Investors may need to set realistic and measureable goals in order to build a baseline for success. Defining investment goals clearly can help keep individual investors from making common mistakes and losing their shirts. Creating a plan for entering the equity market may start by setting up goals and outlining the objectives of the individual. These goals can differ depending on the person and situation. Many investors will opt to follow strategies put in place by others. This may work fine for some, but not as well for others. Keeping a close eye on particular stocks in the portfolio may help the investor when the time comes to adjust the holdings. Being able to adapt to rapidly changing market environments may turn out to be immensely important when the winds of uncertainty blow in.

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