The Daystarter: The Rays‘ Blake Snell takes the Cy Young; Red Tide is stalling the growth of Pinellas tourism; and catch up on all the latest Florida recount news.

. There will be a chance of showers in the early morning as high as 30 percent, according to the . Then cool, dry arrives and with the clouds blocking the sun expect temperatures in the low 70s. That clears out by Friday, when it‘s sunny and cool.

. Here are the in Tampa Bay.

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. ‘Hamilton‘ tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at Tampa‘s Straz Center. so you‘re not throwing away your shot (sorry, couldn‘t resist.)

. The most remarkable Rays‘ player from a remarkable season has received a remarkable award: pitcher Blake Snell was voted the American League Cy Young award winner after wining 21 games this season. Marc Topkin . “It means a whole lot,” Snell said on the MLB Network show. “It was something I wanted to achieve this year.”

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. There‘s no lack of Florida recount news. The Florida Department of State asked federal prosecutors to look into faulty forms sent to voters in at least four counties by the Democratic party that with their mail-in ballots, reports Emily L. Mahoney.

. Meanwhile Samantha J. Gross reports that Democrat Bill Nelson has filed another recount-related lawsuit as he tries to hold onto his U.S. Senate seat against Republican Gov. Rick Scott. Now for copies of vote-by-mail ballots received via e-mail or fax.

. But Nelson‘s most important legal manuever may be getting a federal judge to challenge Florida‘s system of reviewing voters‘ signatures on mail ballots. Steve Bousquet reports that U.S. District Judge Mark Walker heard testimony and arguments for five hours in that were disallowed because of the state‘s signature match law.

. Kirby Wilson reports that against the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections and will now be allowed to witness the machine recounts from inside the room it‘s being conducted in, and not outside of it through a window.

. Meanwhile has weighed in on accusations by President Donald Trump and Gov. Rick Scott of voting fraud in two left-leaning counties in the aftermath of the Florida election and recount. The verdict: .

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. Scott Plantz, the former emergency room doctor who has fought for nearly a decade to clear his name after he was accused of medical malpractice, . Josh Solomon wrote about Plantz‘s , which cost him his life savins and threatened his relationship with his wife and son.

. James Costello lived with a grim foreboding. “He told everybody that, ‘If something happens to me, it‘s going to be my son,‘” said friend Gina McNairy. Now Costello‘s son faces a first-degree murder charge as he stands accused of killing his father. Kathryn Varn .

. Little has stood in the way of Pinellas County‘s explosive tourism growth in recent years. Then came Red Tide. The arrival of toxic algae blooms on Pinellas beaches two months ago has finally stalled ever-climbing hotel bookings, reports Sara DiNatale. The latest data available . That‘s the biggest dip local hotels have seen in years.

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. Erik Cernak, the Lightning‘s 21-year-old defenseman was nervous going into his first NHL game. But this wasn‘t just any first day on just any new job for Cernak. This was the dream. “I think that was my best feeling in my life stepping into my first NHL game,” Cernak said after Tuesday‘s game. Diana Nearhos .

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