Articles written by: Michael Massai

MA Technicals at a Glance For Kirby Corp (KEX) Shares

Kirby Corp (KEX) are in focus today as the charts are revealing that the Mesa Adaptive Moving Average (MAMA) has trickled below the FAMA, or Fractional Moving Average.  This environment typically indicates that there might be a buying opportunity aligning in technicals.  When there are crossovers between the FAMA and MAMA, the shares are often widely traded.  When the MAMA crosses above […]

Target Weight of 0.01620 For Investors With Nexteer Automotive Group Limited (SEHK:1316) in Their Portfolio

When investors are recalibrating their portfolios they should take a look at current volatility levels and the target weight calculation of a given stock.  Nexteer Automotive Group Limited (SEHK:1316) has a current target weight (% as a decimal) of 0.01620.  This means that any balanced portfolio should not be holding more than this percentage of stock within their holdings group.  This number […]

Cameco Corp (CCJ) Near-Term Direction & Strength Points to a Sell

Checking in on the short-term signals on Cameco Corp (CCJ), we note that the current 7-day average directional indicator is Sell. This signal may be used to determine the market trend. The 7-day directional strength is Average . This trend strength indicator measures the signal based on historical performance where minimum would represent the weakest, and maximum would indicate the strongest. […]

Trading Watch on Shares of Tilly’s Inc (TLYS)

Taking a closer look at technical signals for Tilly’s Inc (TLYS), we can see that the short-term moving average Hilo channel is presently Hold. This indicator calculates the moving average based on highs/lows rather than the closing price. The signal direction is currently Falling. This signal indicates whether the Buy or Sell signal is getting stronger or weakening, or whether […]

Target Weight of 0.03030 Is Suggested For IRESS Limited (ASX:IRE)

According to the latest data, IRESS Limited (ASX:IRE) has a current suggested portfolio ownership tally of 0.03030 (as a decimal) ownership.  Target weight is the volatility adjusted recommended position size for a stock in your portfolio.  The maximum target weight is 7% for any given stock.  The indicator is derived from the 100 day volatility reading and calculates a target weight accordingly.  The more recent […]

Chartists Place Tutor Perini Corp (TPC) on Notice: Technical Update

Tutor Perini Corp (TPC) are being closely watched by investors as the firm’s Mesa Adaptive Moving Average (MAMA) has dipped below the Fractional Adaptive Moving Average (FAMA), indicating that a potential bearish move might be forthcoming.  The MESA Adaptive Moving Average, which was developed by John Ehlers, is a technical trend-following indicator which adapts to price movement “based on the rate change of phase as […]

Historical Stock Price Review: Pretium Resources, Inc. (NYSE:PVG) Has a 52 Week High of 12.99

Investors might be trying to gauge which way shares of Pretium Resources, Inc. (NYSE:PVG) will swing over the next couple of quarters. In recent trading activity, the stock has been seen near the $12.32 level. Many investors pay increased attention to shares when they are nearing notable historical highs or lows. Over the past 52 weeks, the stock has touched […]