Is 24.90% Growth Achievable For Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (:AMRX)?

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Brokerage firm analysts are predicting that Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (:AMRX) will grow at an accelerated rate over the next five years.  Sell-side analysts are looking for the company to grow 24.90% over the next year and 19.05% over the next five years.

Investors may be intent on creating unique strategies when approaching the equity markets. Individuals with longer-term mindsets may have completely different strategies than those who trade in the short-term. Whatever class they fall under, investors may have to decide how aggressive they want to be in order to capitalize on these strategies. Navigating the bull market may make things a bit easier for some and much harder for others. Many investors will set their sights on dips and corrections. This may prove to be a successful strategy, but this may also create many missed opportunities. Keeping track of key economic data along with market trends and earnings information typically seems to be a boon to any strategy. Highly active traders may keep close watch after the markets have a sleepy session or two. Investors staying the course might actually be relieved when activity cools a bit. 

Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s trailing 12- months EPS is -0.54.  Last year, their EPS growth was 97.50% and their EPS growth over the past five years was -16.10%.  

Let’s start off by taking a look at how the stock has been performing recently.  Over the past twelve months, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (:AMRX)’s stock was -38.95%.  Last week, it was -7.30%, -41.04% over the last quarter, and  -55.78% for the past half-year. 

Over the past 50 days, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. stock was -39.15% off of the high and 9.76% removed from the low.  Their 52-Week High and Low are noted here.  -63.24% (High), 9.76%, (Low). 

Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (:AMRX)’s performance this year to date is -38.95%.  The stock has performed -7.30% over the last seven days, -34.96% over the last thirty, and -41.04% over the last three months.  Over the last six months, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s stock has been -55.78% and -50.86% for the year.

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Some investors may be struggling after adding the wrong stocks to the portfolio. Creating a specific plan for investing may help turn the ship around. The stock market is still producing plenty of green arrows, and investors need to be able to capitalize. It is quite reasonable to be optimistic about the investment environment heading into the second half of the year. The next couple of weeks may be the perfect time for investors to put the pedal down and try to develop a strategy that will beat the market over the next quarter. Most investors realize that there are no certainties when it comes to equity investing. It is never a guarantee that a stock or an index will go up or down from one day to the next. Investors who prepare themselves for any scenario should be in a much better place than those who don’t.

Wall Street analysts are have a consensus analyst recommendation of 2.90 on the stock.  This is based on a 1-5 scale where 1 represents a Strong Buy and 5 a Strong Sell.  Brokerages covering the name have a $15.70 on the stock.

With most major indexes showing strength, it is safe to assume that many investors may have their heads in the clouds. With many stocks frequently hitting new milestone highs, investors may be scrambling to make sure that they aren’t missing out on possible returns. Maybe some stocks have been doing well, but others not in the portfolio have been doing much better. There is rarely any substitute for hard work and dedication. Investors may get complacent with stocks that they are familiar with. Branching out into uncharted waters may help broaden the horizon and start the gears grinding for new trading ideas. Traders and investors will no doubt be closely monitoring the markets as we move into the second half of the year. It remains to be seen whether optimism or pessimism will rule going in to the next round of quarterly earnings reporting.

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